I'm so thrilled to see my first feature article in print! Check it out in the January issue of Blue Water Sailing, or take a quick glance below. I'll be dreaming about Pisco Sours while we sand the hull (for the final time!) this afternoon.


The swell has been huge here. Depending on who you talk to, we're getting once-in-a-season or once-in-a-decade waves this week. Unfortunately for me that means a break from surfing, but I have been trying to get out and at least take a few photos. We went to check out one of the biggest and meanest waves around the other day to get a close up look at just how much water really moves there. I snapped a few photos. Apparently so did Kelly Slater. And even he passed it up for something less punishing.

Only difference: Kelly Slater has a few more followers than I do...