I've finally got some photos for you! Here are a few from our passage from New Zealand to Raivavae back in May. But wow - it feels like a lot more time than that has passed. I'm posting this from the warm, sunny atoll of Makemo in the Tuamotu Islands... which feels like a world away. More on the past two months coming soon. In the meantime, here's a little glimpse of our long, chilly, upwind passage to the Austral Islands.

I'm always amazed at how instantaneously our perspectives and attitudes change upon arriving in a new place. When we left New Zealand, I was complaining about the fact that the lamb chops we'd ordered weren't delivered frozen. Our first day in Raivavae I was overjoyed at being given a day-old baguette and a grapefruit.

It was a very different passage than what we've been used to since leaving Panama. We spent most of our time layered up and zipped into hoodies and were never on deck without our harnesses. We barely experienced the extended periods of pleasant, downwind sailing that we’d become accustomed to in the lower latitudes. (As you'll notice, though, I took most of my photos during downwind stints. Attempting to capture the boat pitching and smashing into waves with our expensive camera was neither appealing nor safe.) It was the first time we were sailing into the sunrise instead of the sunset since we left Rhode Island in 2014, when we used to take weekend trips from Newport to the island of Cuttyhunk, 15 miles to the East. Two years later, weekends have lost a bit of their special significance and sailing is no longer a recreational, spare time activity, but a defining part of our life. What a difference a couple of years can make.

(On a side note, I just realized that there were some formatting issues with my daily updates from sea. My apologies for SHOUTING at you for paragraphs at a time.)