Passage Update: Day 13

Not much to report here, though you may be wondering why we're headed the wrong way. If we could have chosen one direction that we didn't want wind from at this point in the trip, we'd have chosen northeast. And that's what we have now. The reason we're not too excited is because Northeast is the direction we need to go, and as it happens you cannot point a sailboat straight into the wind and expect to get anywhere. So we're on a ESE course until we arrive at a point as close to due south of Raivavae as possible. That way, when we tack and turn north we'll be able to actually make some ground. In the meantime, we're on a course that, uninterrupted, would take us to Antarctica. I've heard it's very scenic. Lotta ice. But pretty.

At 23-May-16 3:47 AM (utc) our position was 28°27.63'S 152°33.45'W