Passage Update: Day 16

If you've gleaned anything from these updates, it's probably that planning your route more than 24 hours in advance is nearly impossible on a passage like this because the weather forecast can change so much from day to day. Without steady trade winds to create consistent weather patterns, we are at the mercy of whatever comes our way, and there are a multitude of meteorological factors that can affect how any given system behaves. Consequently, though the forecast one day may show that we'll be motoring for a full day the next day's forecast looks drastically different and we find ourselves hove to in 35 knot winds. That's what I meant when, way back at the beginning of this passage, I said that it has the potential to be a rather difficult one. Adapting to the ever changing conditions is a challenge. At times it's fun, at other times (typically during middle of the night, rough weather watches) it's just salty and tedious. But it's always worth it in the end.

The good news is, while we're still beating into the wind, it is easterly now, which means we're actually sailing directly toward Raivavae. That alone is a big morale booster. But it is still a bit of a battle and it's slow going. It's sort of like riding a bike directly into the wind. Up a huge hill. In the rain.

At 25-May-16 11:57 PM (utc) our position was 26°44.65'S 150°56.22'W