Passage Update: Day 19 - We've arrived!

We're here! We arrived at the entrance to the pass just as the last hints of daylight gave way to a moonless night, leaving us to navigate the channel by flashing leading marks, blinking buoys and reflective stakes. It was easy enough. What wasn't easy was waiting to crack a beer in celebration of finally arriving. Once anchored, we had a proper feast - scotch fillet steaks, sauteed onions and cabbage (our last bit of green), and crispy sweet potatoes. And then we promptly passed out. This morning we woke to find ourselves in one of the most scenic anchorages we've ever been to. The peaks, jagged and deep green, tower over the lagoon, and small motus (little islands) sit here and there on the fringing reef. We are one of six boats at anchor. There is a concrete wharf and apparently the supply ship came and went only hours before our arrival so the little shops should be well stocked. Behind the wharf are several buildings, the most prominent of which are, in true French Polynesian fashion, the mayor's office and the church. I won't be surprised if, as the morning goes on, we're able to hear the singing from where we sit.

We have a lot of cleanup on the boat today - we had a bit of a leak in the forward cabin - and as the gendarmerie is closed on Sundays we can't check in to the country until tomorrow. So we'll spend the day on the boat, enjoying stillness and the absence of whistling wind in the rigging. We can't wait to get ashore!!

At 29-May-16 4:57 AM (utc) our position was 23°51.96'S 147°41.30'W