Passage Update: Day 2

We've had a decent day today - just under 170nm in 24 hours. Conditions are good, if a bit bumpy, but the wind could get a bit light and fluky tonight. We have to decide whether to go south to get a better wind angle and try to stay on top of the low pressure systems before tracking back north, or to continue ENE along the rhumbline sailing downwind with the spinnaker and skirting the edge of a big high pressure system. We're not too keen on flying the spinnaker at night unless conditions are really stable, so that makes it tricky. But going the rhumbline would mean fewer miles... We'll see what the weather does tonight and make a decision in the morning.

In other news, Matt spotted a Wandering Albatross. They have the biggest wingspan of any land or sea bird and are incredible animals. They're also one of two things Matt is always keeping his eyes peeled for at sea. (The other is an unmanned boat adrift, preferably carrying suitcases full of cash.)

At 11-May-16 9:57 PM (utc) our position was 35�44.36'S 179�45.76'E

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