Passage Update: Day 11

Another big day is just ending here - 175 miles in 24 hours. Unfortunately we're just starting to lose the wind and slow down now and will likely have to start the engine sometime after midnight. 5.5 knots suddenly feels so slow! We'll have easterly winds shifting to northeast for the last couple days, which means we'll be close hauled, but the big low pressure system that is moving this way appears to be weakening so our approach into Raivavae isn't looking as daunting as we thought.

It doesn't feel like this is our twelfth day out here. Time sort of melts when you're at sea for a while, but once you start to get close to land it seems very real again and you spend half your time counting down miles and hours. We can almost taste the baguettes and poisson cru!

At 21-May-16 5:11 AM (utc) our position was 29°23.88'S 155°41.94'W