Passage Update: Day 4

With hardly any wind this morning we decided to give our spinnaker a try, but the sea was lumpy and disorganized and the wind just too light to fill the sail properly so we ended up taking it back down and starting the engine. It did give us a chance to try out our new spinnaker sock, which makes hoisting and dropping such a big sail so much easier for two people.

The noise of the engine is doesn't give ocean crossing quite the romantic notion that coasting along under sail does. But annoying as it may be, it's also a reassuring noise, and motoring through a sparkling, flat sea is better than sailing into steep swell with 25 knots on the nose.

We saw another Wandering Albatross today but he wasn't interested in us. There were also millions of tiny Portugese Man O' War jellyfish (also called Blue Bottles) drifting around, their inflated sacs scattered atop the surface of the ocean as far as we could see.

The sky is full of stars now. Pretty nice out here.

At 14-May-16 6:26 AM (utc) our position was 34�14.55'S 174�10.16'W

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