Passage Update: Day 5

Still no wind, still motoring. Things could get a bit lively tomorrow, though, as a front is approaching. Stay tuned...

Before we left we got to catch up with our friend Kirsty. She was in New Zealand for a few weeks and one of the things she looked forward to most were peaches from the Far North. Unfortunately it was a bit late in the season for peaches, but she did get her hands on some mandarins. Lots of them. She left us with two bags as we said goodbye and I've been eating them ever since. The day before, our friends Hugh and Hera dropped off what must have been 8 lbs of golden kiwifruit. So we've been enjoying fresh fruit for the past six days at sea and it'll likely last until we arrive in Raivavae. It was especially enjoyable today, though. The sun has been out all day and we've got clothes and sheets hanging out in the dry air. Portlights are open and the cushions are out in the cockpit. I love sitting up there peeling mandarins in the late afternoon light, the cockpit smelling of citrus, and watching as an orange trail of spiraled peel disappears in our wake.

As you can tell, not much happening here.

At 14-May-16 9:15 PM (utc) our position was 33�47.84'S 172�30.73'W

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