Passage Update: Day 10

One of Matt's many sayings is, "Sometimes you're a bug, sometimes you're a windshield." I suppose it's a more descriptive and less hokey way of saying, 'You win some, you lose some," in which the "some" that you win or lose are out of your control. It usually applies to small moments in a day - hitting every red light on the main road when you're in a hurry (bug); skiing up to a closed chairlift that's been blocking access to untouched powder just as the lifty opens it (windshield); getting only cashews and almonds (ie, no disgusting hazelnuts, filler peanuts, or oafish brazil nuts) in a big handful of mixed nuts (windshield). You get the idea.

Anyway. My point is, today Tamata is a windshield. We've still got wind and sea behind us so we're not only banging out miles, but without being slammed, battered, or rolled around, we're doing so quite comfortably. It's not often that you have laundry out on the line with 20 knots of wind blowing. Just goes to show how smooth the sailing is at the moment. We have somewhere around 800nm to go, which means five or six days yet, and the forecast is still looking a bit, well, "buggy" for the last few. And that's also implicit in Matt's saying - that you can't be a windshield forever. No point in dwelling on it, though. We'll revel in these fantastic conditions while they last and deal with dodging windshields when they become obstacles.